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  • An afternoon of stalking Great Blue Heron width:712;;height:540
  • I can't believe they can stand dead still for so long! width:720;;height:522
  • This was an early morning shot. width:675;;height:540
  • The Great Blue Heron spook very easily.....but then again I was chasing him. width:539;;height:540
  • Fall photo shoot of mushrooms in the wild. width:720;;height:540
  • These are so textured and interesting mushrooms. width:720;;height:492
  • Sorry I didn't see these when they were at their prime. width:720;;height:481
  • More Great Blue Heron width:720;;height:442
  • width:720;;height:417
  • Nikon @150 ft width:720;;height:484
  • Nikon @ 150 ft. width:720;;height:434
  • Interesting stance! width:720;;height:377
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